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Mohammad Dastgheib

BBCS (MSc 2)
Dr. H. Dringenberg

Hello, I’m a MSc2 student in BBCS program. I’m currently working under the supervision of Dr. Dringenberg in sleep lab. I have a relatively diverse background in Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, and Psychology. It took 7 years to finally find my passion: BRAIN!
After studying one year in Wichita State University in Kansas, I immigrated to Canada and I completed my Hons. Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Psychology from York University, Toronto.

For my Honours thesis, I worked at Baycrest Hospital (Toronto) to analyze the outcomes of psychoeducational intervention programs on healthy older adults who had memory concerns. This project gave me a chance to work with wonderful population of older adults.

I chose Queen’s because primarily, I was interested in memory and plasticity. Dr. Dringenberg’s project on sleep and its role on memory consolidations was a perfect match. After decades of research on brain, we still do not know very much about sleep. I believe now is a good time to finally give it a thought!

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