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Steve Lamontagne
BBCS (PhD 1)
Dr. M. Olmstead

Hi everyone. I'm just starting my PhD in the behavioural neuroscience branch of BBCS Psychology. I currently work under the supervision of Dr. Olmstead in the MotiCog Lab where I investigate the underlying neurobiological mechanisms of anhedonia using a rodent model.

Even though I’m just starting my doctorate, I’ve been a student at Queen’s since 2010. I began working in the animal research facility in 2012 with Dr. Janet Menard, where I worked on a number of projects. For example, I examined whether early adversity increases sensitivity to amphetamine in adulthood. I then collaborated with Dr. Olmstead to investigate the effect of mid-adolescent stress on sucr...

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Kathie Bailey
Developmental (PhD 4)
Dr. S. Fitneva

My name is Kathie Bailey. I am completing the last year of my PhD in developmental psychology under the supervision of Dr. Stanka Fitneva. Before coming to Queen’s University, I completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Sociology minor/Emphasis in Education) and my MA degree in developmental psychology at Trent University. My MA research investigated social problem solving and language in middle childhood and early adolescence.

I am particularly interested in social cognition and language in children with atypical development. As such, my comprehensive exam paper topic was my dissertation research investigates language in children with epilepsy and examines its ...

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Louisa Man
Clinical (MSc 2)
Dr. M. Castelhano

Hi, I'm Louisa and I'm currently in my 2nd year of my masters in Clinical Psychology. I currently work with Dr. Monica Castelhano in the Queen's Visual Cognition Laboratory. We use eye-tracking technology to examine various questions about attention, perception and memory. My Master's thesis examines how traits associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (e.g., restricted interests, repetitive behaviours) found in the general population can be associated with different cognitive processing of scenes.

I completed my undergrad degree at University of Toronto, in psychology. I remember being so excited about taking all the sleep related courses they had to offer. At Queen's, I carried ...

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Geoff Harrison
BBCS (PhD 3)
Dr. D. Wilson

I’m a 3rd year PhD student working with Dr. Daryl Wilson in the Attention Lab. I am based in the BBCS area but have worked with many professors at Queen’s, including Drs. Bowie, Castelhano, Chivers, Menard, Poppenk, Pukall, and Sabbagh. Although my undergrad degree was several years ago now, many of the courses I took are similar to courses offered today. I took all but personality at the second year level, as well as many of the third year courses that were offered 4+ years ago. Also having taken my undergraduate 300 level statistics course with Dr. Jacobson and as TA for the graduate statistics courses offered at Queen’s (half of which is taught by D...

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Meghan McInnis
Clinical (MSc 2)
Dr. C. Pukall

I am a second-year MSc student in the Clinical Psychology program. I am completing my graduate research in the Sexual Health Research Laboratory (SexLab), under the supervision of Caroline Pukall. My Master’s research focuses on the experiences of sexually and gender diverse prostate cancer patients, and how they compare to those of heterosexual, cisgender patients. In particular, I am interested in patients’ sexual functioning and satisfaction, as well as their experiences with the healthcare system. Last year, I was a TA for PSYC 235 (Abnormal Psychology).

As of July 2017, I am the Vice President of the Association of Graduate Students in Psychology (AGSIP). ...

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Scott Squires
Clinical (MSc 2)
Dr. K. Harkness

When I was in undergrad, I went through plenty of undue stress that I believe could have been alleviated had I been directed towards a senior student mentor. Now, I have the opportunity as a graduate student at Queen’s to offer my experience as a mentor to those new to post-secondary education and the academic environment. It is exciting to have this opportunity and I am very excited to chat with you!

Here is some info about me: I am currently in my second year of my M.Sc. in the Clinical Psychology program here at Queen’s. I am supervised by Dr. Kate Harkness and I do my work out of the Mood Research Lab. My Master’s research aims to identify biopsychologicall...

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James Hillman
Social (MSc 1)
Dr. T. MacDonald

I’m currently a first year Master’s student at Queen’s in social psychology. I did my undergraduate at Queen’s as well and for my undergrad thesis I chose to study forgiveness. I’m continuing that work here with Dr. Tara MacDonald. I’m focusing on forgiveness and conflict in intimate relationships, hoping to look into mindfulness and emotion regulation on forgiveness and relationship longevity and satisfaction. Because of the joint lab I’ve also gone to Dr. Fabrigar occasionally for counsel on these projects. Prior to my work on forgiveness I briefly managed a research project started by a past phd student on judgement. I have a lot of experience aroun...

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Madelaine Gierc
Clinical (PhD 3)
Dr. D. Tripp

Hi! I'm Madelaine, and I'm a PhD-3 clinical student studying under Dean Tripp. I hold a bachelor's degree from the University of Alberta (psychology and English literature); a Master's of Public Health (Public & Population Health) from Memorial University of Newfoundland; and a PhD (Kinesiology) from the University of Saskatchewan ... In short, I'm a fan of breadth-focused interdisciplinary research. My primary area is health psychology, with emphasis on sociocognitive interventions and knowledge translation. Outside of lab, I'm a member of the Queen's board game club and the Master's swim program; and love exploring the Kingston community.<...

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Alexandra Tighe
Clinical (PhD 1)
Dr. T. Hollenstein

I am a first year PhD student in Clinical Psychology. With my supervisor, Dr. Tom Hollenstein, I research adolescent development and emotion regulation. For my Master’s work, I studied emotional flexibility in mothers-daughter relationships across adolescence, and its association with mental health outcomes. I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology at McGill University. My undergraduate theses focused on causal learning, attention, and decision-making.

Clinically, I work with children and adolescents in the Kingston community. I am interested in pursuing my clinical competency in neuropsychology, and am currently supervised by Dr. Kelly Benn, Clinical ...

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Madison Mailhiot
BBCS (MSc 1)
Dr. M. Olmstead

Hello! My name is Madison Mailhiot and I am currently going into the first year of my MSc in the Brain, Behaviour, and Cognitive Sciences (BBCS) program at Queen's. I also did my BSc in Psychology within the department and had the privilege of working with Dr. Mary Olmstead in my third and fourth year as I was (and still am!) very interested in drug addiction research. For my undergraduate thesis, I looked at the dopaminergic differences in morphine reward based on pain state in a pre-clinical model. I plan to continue with this work in my Master's thesis, as opiate addiction is something that I find really interesting. During my time as an undergraduate, I was also was fortunate enoug...

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Lindsey Yessick
BBCS (MSc 2)
Dr. C. Pukall

I'm a second year M.Sc. student in Brain, Behaviour, and Cognitive Science psychology.  My research focus is in women's sexual health and pain disorders. My Master’s thesis investigates changes in pain processing within the brain and spinal cord using fMRI. I also have collaborative projects examining internal clitoral changes during states of arousal using fMRI and a biopsychosocial investigation of those who experience idiopathic anal pain. Currently I work with Dr. Caroline Pukall as my supervisor and Dr. Pat Stroman from the neuroscience department as my co-supervisor, as well as collaborating with Dr. Meredith Chivers.

I am an international studen...

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Erika Peter
Social (PhD 1)
Dr. J. Jacobson

My name is Erika Peter, and I am currently in PhD 1. I switched into the Social Area from the BBCS area for the first year of my PhD. My supervisor is Dr. Jill Jacobson. We study facial recognition judgments of individuals with dysphoria (i.e., sub-clinical levels of depression), and investigate if theory of mind reasoning plays a role in the social failures of individuals with dysphoria. We also will conduct simulations to test assumptions of statistical tests, investigate questionable research practices (e.g., “fit hacking” in structural equation models), explore best practices for confound analysis, and evaluate current practices in the field.

For my MSc I w...

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Haykaz Mangardich
Developmental (PhD 3)
Dr. M. Sabbagh

I’m a 3rd year PhD student in Developmental Psychology. I work with Dr. Mark Sabbagh in the Early Experience Lab. Our research investigates how 6-year-olds learn new words from informants in social interactions. We use techniques such as brain electrophysiology (EEG/ERP) and eye-tracking to investigate the ‘how’ question. Currently, I’m looking into how children block learning the names for objects that are said to be from a faraway country (e.g., Japan).

My research interests extend to other domains. I have forged research collaborations with professors and colleagues from various sub-disciplines (e.g., clinical, BBCS), including Drs. Kate Harkness, Stanka Fitneva, and Meredith...

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Tara Karasewich
Developmental (PhD 2)
Dr. V. Kuhlmeier

I am a second year PhD student in the Developmental Psychology program working under the supervision of Dr. Valerie Kuhlmeier. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Winnipeg and my Master’s degree here at Queen’s. My ultimate career goal is to become a professor and researcher in developmental psychology, with a focus on social cognition.

My research in the Infant Cognition Group lab is primarily focused on the development of prosocial behaviour (e.g., helping, sharing, comforting, cooperating, etc.) in preschool children. I am also interested in the ways in which shyness may impede young children from acting prosocially toward others, parti...

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Mohammad Dastgheib
BBCS (MSc 1)
Dr. H. Dringenberg

Hello, I’m a MSc1 student in BBCS program. I’m currently working under the supervision of Dr. Dringenberg in sleep lab. I have a relatively diverse background in Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, and Psychology. It took 7 years to finally find my passion: BRAIN!
After studying one year in Wichita State University in Kansas, I immigrated to Canada and I completed my Hons. Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Psychology from York University, Toronto.

For my Honours thesis, I worked at Baycrest Hospital (Toronto) to analyze the outcomes of psychoeducational intervention programs on healthy older adults who had memory concerns. This project gave me a cha...

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Edwyn Lo
BBCS (MSc 1)
Dr. H. Dringenberg

I am a first year MSc student in the BBCS stream and will be working with Dr. Hans Dringenberg. I did my first year of undergrad at the University of California, San Diego before transferring to and completing my Bachelor’s at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

For my honours thesis, I studied the effects of multisensory integration (specifically auditory and tactile) on voluntary motor control. For my Master’s, I will be looking at how sleep affects the memory of cognitive behavioural therapy-related information in both healthy individuals and individuals with elevated depression index scores.

Prior to my Master’s, I spent five yea...