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Meghan McInnis

Clinical (PhD 1)
Dr. C. Pukall

I am a first-year PhD student in the Clinical Psychology program. I am completing my graduate research in the Sexual Health Research Laboratory (SexLab), under the supervision of Caroline Pukall. My Master’s thesis focused on the experiences of prostate cancer patients, specifically their health-related quality of life, mental health, social support, sexual outcomes, and healthcare experiences. For my PhD, I will be focusing on societal perceptions of virginity and the experiences and characteristics of adults who identify as virgins. I completed my undergraduate degree at Queen's as well. In fourth year, I completed a directed laboratory course in the SexLab, while completing my honours thesis in the Sexuality and Gender Laboratory (SageLab) under the supervision of Meredith Chivers. After graduating, I was employed as a research assistant in the SageLab before beginning my graduate studies.

I am Vice President of the Association for Graduate Students in Psychology (AGSIP). I am currently TAing PSYC 100 online, but have also TA'd Abnormal Psychology, Introduction to Statistics, and Human Sexuality. I am a mentor with the Canadian Psychological Association's mentorship program. 

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