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Louisa Man

Clinical (PhD 2)
Dr. M. Castelhano

Hi, I'm Louisa and I'm currently in my 2nd year of my PhD in Clinical Psychology. I currently work with Dr. Monica Castelhano in the Queen's Visual Cognition Laboratory. We use eye-tracking technology to examine various questions about attention, perception and memory. My Master's thesis examined how traits associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (e.g., restricted interests, repetitive behaviours) found in the general population can be associated with different cognitive processing of social scenes. For my PhD, I'm going to delve into the question of gender differences in cognitive processing in individuals with ASD. 

Clinically, I have completed placements with populations across the lifespan -- from children and youth to adults to seniors. I've also been involved in the Autism Screening Clinic and Social Skills Groups at Queen's Psychology Clinic. 

I completed my undergrad degree at University of Toronto, in psychology. I remember being so excited about taking all the sleep related courses they had to offer. At Queen's, I carried over this interest and had the chance to TA Psychology of Sleep. I've also been a TA for Positive Psychology and Brain & Behaviour and Intro to Cognitive Psychology. 

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