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Lindsey Yessick

Cognitive Neuroscience (PhD 2)
Dr. T. Salomons

I'm a second year PhD student in Cognitive Neuroscience Psychology. My research focus is in chronic pain disorders and pain processing. My dissertation will examine the role of perceived control over pain symptoms for transitioning from acute to chronic pain in a surgical pain population. Currently I work with Dr. Tim Salomons as my supervisor and Dr. Caroline Pukall as my co-supervisor. I also have projects examining pain coping strategies and an investigation of those who experience idiopathic anal pain.

During my MSc, I was supervised by Dr. Caroling Pukall. My Master’s thesis investigated changes in pain processing within the brain and spinal cord of women with provoked vestibulodynia using fMRI.

I am an international student from the University of Alabama at Birmingham where I studied psychology for my undergraduate. I worked in two different research laboratories, both studying pain processing. I worked with fish, rat, and mouse models of pain to examine how diet affected the development of chronic pain. In the human clinical laboratory, I worked with a population of HIV infected individuals to analyze alterations in their pain processing in relation to healthy individuals using quantitative sensory testing.

Outside of my research, I am currently the Cognitive Neuroscience Student Representative for AGSIP and sit on the institutional GREB board. I also have been/am currently a TA for Principles of Psychology, Brain and Behavior, and Neuroeconomics.

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