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Geoff Harrison

BBCS (PhD 4)
Dr. D. Wilson

I’m a 4th year PhD student working with Dr. Daryl Wilson in the Attention Lab. I am based in the BBCS area but have worked with many professors at Queen’s, including Drs. Bowie, Castelhano, Chivers, Menard, Poppenk, Pukall, and Sabbagh. Although my undergrad degree was several years ago now, many of the courses I took are similar to courses offered today. I took all but personality at the second year level, as well as many of the third year courses that were offered 4+ years ago. Also having taken my undergraduate 300 level statistics course with Dr. Jacobson and as TA for the graduate statistics courses offered at Queen’s (half of which is taught by Dr. Jacobson) I have some experience with the statistical techniques and theories surveyed in the undergraduate courses currently offered.

My current research topics are in the general area of attention and memory, and ways in which these two processes influence one another. The majority of my collaborations with other labs involve the design of a battery of computerized tasks that measure the extent to which different types of stimuli capture our attention. To accomplish this I have experience in programming experiments in Matlab, and the use of eye tracking technology. Another active collaboration involves the study of mind wandering, and ways of measuring the extent to which individuals are paying attention to a given task from moment to moment in real time. Finally, I have been involved with the science awareness group Let’s Talk Science.

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