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Erika Peter

Social (PhD 2)
Dr. J. Jacobson

My name is Erika Peter, and I am currently in PhD 2. I switched into the Social Area from the BBCS area for the first year of my PhD. My supervisor is Dr. Jill Jacobson. We study facial recognition judgments of individuals with dysphoria (i.e., sub-clinical levels of depression), and investigate if theory of mind reasoning plays a role in the social failures of individuals with dysphoria. We also will conduct simulations to test assumptions of statistical tests, investigate questionable research practices (e.g., “fit hacking” in structural equation models), explore best practices for confound analysis, and evaluate current practices in the field.

For my MSc I was in the BBCS Area under the supervision of Dr. Jordan Poppenk. My masters research was on individual differences in episodic memory. Specifically, I conducted a preliminary test of the relationships between gist and detail memory domains within episodic memory, using confirmatory factor analysis and exploratory structural equation modeling.

I completed my undergraduate degree at Western University. For my BSc thesis, I studied the role of interoception and cardiac feedback in recognition memory judgments. We found that cardiac feedback does not increase accuracy in recognition memory judgments, but it may influence feelings of familiarity.

Outside of my research, I was on the social committee for AGSIP last year, and have volunteered with the Got Your Back Campaign for the last two years. I also have been/am currently a TA for PSYC 203, 205, 215, 301, 397, and 398.

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