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Do you have questions about psychology courses, research labs, volunteering or grad school? Using QChaT, you could book an appointment to LIVE CHAT with a psychology graduate student about anything you want! Visit the Mentors page, choose a graduate student who matches your interests, and book a chat. Get the answers you need from the ones who’ve experienced it all.

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After my first year as an undergrad at Queen’s, I found out that I was going to be a PSYC major. This is exactly what I strived for, but I had so many questions. “What classes should I take to fulfil my degree?”, “What should I do in the next 2 years to make sure that I get into the honours thesis program?”, “How should I introduce myself to a professor that I’d like to work with?”
In my 2nd year, I took a lab course which was led by a grad student facilitator. This person was approachable, provided memorable advice, and genuinely cared about our concerns—not just regarding course material but about our prospects in academia as well. After these lab sessions, I had the chance to talk to this TA and ask my questions. I felt like I was receiving “inside” information about the program while also maintaining a professional student-TA dialogue.
When I became a TA myself, I wanted to bring the same attitude to my classroom. I quickly noticed that students met with me after class and came to my office hours to ask the exact same questions that I once had. I realized that, regardless of academic level, we are all part of the same community in Queen’s Psychology—and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t interact and help each other out.
The idea for QChaT was deeply rooted in this principle. I wanted to provide undergraduate students in Psychology the opportunity to interact with graduate students for academic advice. We have a team of 15 graduate student mentors who are eager to communicate with you and answer any questions you might have (e.g., about course selections, volunteering, and graduate school). Each mentor possesses a different research background with unique personal experiences and anecdotes about the program that they are willing to share. If you have any questions about going forward in the program, or if you are a prospective student who is interested in joining our program, book a chat! We are excited to get to know you and answer all of your questions.
Steven J. Lamontagne
[email protected]